ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposal/Disposition, which refers to the process of properly managing and disposing of redundant IT Assets such as computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment.

Organisations can accumulate redundant IT equipment due to various reasons. One common reason is overestimation of IT needs, which leads to the purchase of more equipment than necessary. Another reason is that the equipment may become outdated as a result of changes in technology or organisational operational needs. Mergers and acquisitions can also result in redundant IT equipment, as the acquired equipment may not be compatible with the organisation's systems or may not be needed for their operations. In addition, a lack of proper inventory tracking and management processes can lead to the accumulation of unnecessary IT equipment over time.

Our ITAD solutions guarantee the secure and environmentally responsible handling of these assets.

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Creating a Circular Economy

We work closely with our clients to establish the most effective strategy for asset value recovery during the asset disposal process. Our approach involves either refurbishing the equipment or dismantling it for recycling purposes. By refurbishing the equipment, we extend its usable life, reducing its ecological impact and contributing to a more sustainable approach. These refurbished items are then remarketed, allowing for increased return on investment while minimising environmental effects.

In today's economic landscape, access to technology holds significant importance. Refurbished computers offer economically disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to engage with technology for educational purposes, social interaction and commercial activities. This not only promotes digital inclusion but also facilitates their participation in various aspects of modern society.


With facilities in Pretoria and Cape Town, we are well placed to directly support compliant recycling of electronic equipment and IT assets throughout South Africa.

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